Over the past years this club has had success in various National and International Competitions in Kumite and especially Kata, But out with the old and in with the new, what's past is past and we cannot live too much on past success. This is a new millennium so we start new section  with new students.

These students are still in their first year of training so they are still very much on a learning curve about the whole idea of Karate and Martial Arts in general.

The Competitions they have entered in year 2003 - Association Club Championships, Welsh Junior Grand Prix, Welsh Karate Traditional Open (Feb), Welsh Karate Traditional Open (May) In these Comps' they have achieved a total of - Three 3rd Places, Two 2nd Places. (Not Bad for Six Months Training)

The club recently received a grant from Sportlot for equipment to help to advance the training of the Juniors, with this we hope the juniors can achieve even more success. 


       Equipment Bought with Sportlot Grant                              Nicole Funning, Rebecca Chapple, Lauren Evans, Jennifer Slark



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